June 15, 2021

4 Stylish Bikini Color Trends for Summer 2021

Public service announcement: summer is here, and things are heating up fast. That means many women out there are strutting their stuff at the beach, as they are finally able to break out those bikinis they have been waiting so long to wear. And now that we are in the heart of summer, what better time to talk bikini fashion than right now?! There are many different bikini styles that have grown in popularity, but we’re here to talk about a more specific aspect of bikini fashion: color. That’s right, there are several different bikini colors that have been trending as of late. And knowing what types of colors to look out for when bikini shopping can elevate your look from fashionable to what we like to call fashionably fuego! So without further ado, here are 4 stylish bikini color trends for summer 2021.


  1. Play It Cool with Pastel!

One of the most popular bikini color trends for summer 2021 is pastels. Think baby blue and lemon chiffon, powdery pinks and novel lilac. These soft tones are perfect for inducing that sense of peace and calm that so many of us have been craving after being stuck indoors. Pastels were indeed a front-runner in pre-summer bikini fashion predictions given their timelessness and their ability to pair well with other garments. Meant to represent neutrality, clarity and hope, pastel colors are a popular choice among those looking for a softer statement piece. Check out our Knot Bralette High Waisted Cheeky Bikini Set in cantaloupe orange for all the pastel vibes!


  1. Keep It Chill with Natural Tones!

Another one of the most popular bikini color trends for summer 2021 is natural tones. Think forest green, dark olive, or medium bronze to give off the earthy vibes. Nature-themed prints can also do the trick to really bring the natural tones to life. These colors evoke that deep connection with nature that so many of us have been longing for. Like pastel colors, these natural tones offer a calming element, but they do so by beckoning back to Mother Nature. As an important note from stylists on this one, natural tones do not have to be dull or neutral by any means. These colors can be rich and diverse to mirror the very richness and diversity of our planet! Check out our Rylie Wide Crossback Bikini Top or Piper High Neck Halter Bikini Top, both of which come in palm print and chocolate brown variations!


  1. Reach Up High and Touch the Sky!

In line with the vibes of natural tones, sky-themed colors are one of the most popular bikini color trends for summer 2021. Being outside, there is almost no better feeling than getting a good stretch, reaching up to the sky and doing a sun salutation on a bright summer day. So why not salute the beautiful sky through your bikini color choice! Think arctic blue meets cool aqua for those warm mid-day sky vibes or midnight blue meets sapphire for evening summer sky vibes. Perhaps it is a craving for the “openness of blue heavens,” as some stylists have suggested, or the fact that blue naturally complements all different skin tones, but sky-themed colors are a real hit this year. Check out our Leila Diamond Halter Bikini Top, which comes in a beautiful reef teal blue that is the perfect salute to the sky!


  1. Be Bright and Beautiful!

Last but most certainly not least, bright and vibrant colors are one of the other most popular bikini color trends for summer 2021. Think marigold, tangerine, cherry red, and everything in between. If you are feeling extra bold, give neon colors a try, and your bikini will scream look out world, here I come! These classic brights emit a powerful statement of self-confidence that will allow you to shine bright like the true beauty that you are. As our fashion friends over at Cosmo have observed, these colors are trending largely because people simply cannot wait to break out the bright colors after months and months of dull gray sweatpants. Check out our Criss Cross Skinny Loop Bikini Set in high maintenance pink, a sure slam dunk for anyone looking to shine bright and in style!


While there are other trends as well, these are some of the most popular bikini color trends for summer 2021. Of course, you should feel 100% comfortable rocking whatever color you desire. No doubt you will look great! We would love to hear about the coolest bikini trends you have observed so far this summer. And remember, life is about following your path and staying true to yourself, so if you want to go out there and start your own trend, then you go girl!