August 05, 2021

5 Ways to Be Confident With Small Boobs

Women with small boobs often struggle with self-confidence due to their flatter chests. Society seems to always tell us that bigger means better, so it can be difficult to see ourselves for the true beauties that we are! For women in particular, building self-confidence and truly believing in our selves and our abilities can be challenging. But don’t you worry – we of the itty bitty titty committee have got you covered. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we believe that confidence is key, and that when women support other women, our potential is truly limitless! So for all the small-busted women out there struggling with self-doubt, here are 5 ways to be confident with small boobs.


  1. Know You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are!

One of the most important ways to be confident with small boobs is to know that you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are. Regardless of shape or size, know that you are seen and that you are right. These days, it is easy to get caught up in ideals and to want to conform to the ways in which society defines beauty. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we embrace the fact that every woman is different, and we believe this should be celebrated. We hold steadfast to the idea that true beauty and true confidence comes from within. So give yourself some love and embrace that beautiful body of yours!


  1. Remember the Extensive Benefits of Small Boobs!

One of the more prudent ways to be confident with small boobs is to remember their extensive benefits. Many people assume that large-busted women have it better, but that is simply not the reality. From health benefits to fashion benefits and everything in between, there are wide-ranging benefits of having small boobs. It is easy to take these perks for granted – after all, most small-busted women don’t know what it’s like to live with big boobs, so it’s harder to appreciate the associated pain and frustration. But just ask one of your large-busted girlfriends – chances are the extra weight isn’t all that great!


  1. Focus On Your Favorite Parts!

One of the most practical ways to be confident with small boobs is to focus on your favorite parts! Let’s remember, your boobs are just one part of your gorgeous body. Don’t other parts of your body deserve some recognition, too?! Perhaps you like your collarbones or arms, maybe your legs or booty. Focus on these parts instead of focusing all your energy on the parts of your body that you don’t like. This was the premise of Ashley Graham’s Self Love Challenge on TikTok, which has since gone viral. This challenge aimed to encourage women to celebrate their bodies by highlighting the strongest, sexiest, favorite, and most important parts of their bodies, plus the parts they would never want to change. Reorienting our mindset away from negative to positive self-talk will work wonders in helping to build the confidence we wholeheartedly deserve!


  1. Realize That You Are In Good Company!

Another one of the most practical ways to be confident with small boobs is to realize that you are in good company! There are so many small-busted celebs out there that embrace their bodies and carry themselves (and their small boobs!) with the utmost confidence. Think Emma Stone, Gigi Hadid, Mila Kunis, and Taylor Swift. From actresses to athletes, models to singers, the list is endless. So remember you are not alone – there are thousands of other strong women out there who strut their stuff with confidence. You can, too!


  1. Be Your Own Best Girlfriend!

Last but definitely not least, one of the best ways to be confident with small boobs is so be your own best girlfriend! That is, talk to yourself like you would to your very best friend. If one of your closest girlfriends spoke negatively about her body, you probably wouldn’t put up with that for long…”No way missy! You are beautiful inside and out!”…You would then probably shower her in compliments to give your bestie the confidence boost she needs and deserves. So, why should our own self-talk be any different?! We ladies tend to be our worst critics, but when we take a step back and improve our self-talk, this can make a world of difference. Believe us when we say your confidence will be through the roof!



To all the small-busted women out there, we see you and we celebrate you. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we want you to be just as confident in yourself as we are in you! We would love to hear your thoughts on ways to be confident with small boobs. So the next time you feel insecure or self-conscious about your small boobs, remember these five tips to boost your confidence, and know that we’ve always got your back!