April 14, 2021

5 Flattering Bikini Styles for Small-Busted Women

For women with smaller chests, finding a bikini that feels good and looks good can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Rest assured though, you are not alone. There are many small-busted women out there feeling the exact same way! So before anything else, let’s take a second to celebrate ourselves. After all, don’t they always say the best things come in small packages? We sure think so. When shopping for a new bikini, knowing the styles that best complement smaller chests can make a world of difference. Here are 5 flattering bikini styles for small-busted women.

  1. The Pushup

This style is exactly like it sounds: similar in function to a pushup bra, but made as a bikini! The pushup is one of the best bikini styles for small-busted women looking to get some extra lift. But beware of bulky underwire. This can cause skin irritation and sometimes even abrasions, so you’ll want to avoid these especially if you’re not accustomed to using underwire in your regular bras. Sure, most of us ladies have gone on the whole “beauty is pain” trip, but not this time! Our wireless Ava Criss Cross Bikini Top offers an easy slip-on design with fixed double straps that provide the same uplifting support as a traditional wired top but infinitely greater comfort. The criss crossed straps combine with a scoop neck cut to accentuate your bust, giving you a fierce and fashion-forward look!

The Ava Bikini Top – Criss Cross Bikini Top in High Maintenance Pink

  1. The Bralette

This style mirrors that of a traditional bralette, but of course, it is made as a bikini! The bralette is one of the best bikini styles for small-busted women who want a natural fit that allows for easy movement and minimal bounce. You don’t want to be distracted trying to keep the girls secured when you should be focused on winning that game of beach volleyball! Our Penelope Knot Bralette Bikini Top offers a secure and comfortable compression fit with a wide elastic bust band that is perfect for medium impact activities. With a square neckline and self-knots to top off the shoulders, you’ll be rocking the chic and sporty look all day long!

  1. The Halter

This style mimics the halter neckline of basic women’s clothing, with a strap that extends from the garment front up around the back of the neck. The halter is one of the best bikini styles for small-busted women who want a fashionable look that accentuates other parts of the body. After all, why should your boobs get all the attention? Our Leila Diamond Halter Bikini Top offers a diamond neckline that accentuates your shoulders and collarbones. Fastened with a corset-style lace-up and a secure and comfortable fit, this sexy piece will have you strutting your stuff like a runway model!

  1. The High Neck

This style has a higher cut that provides a greater degree of coverage relative to traditional or scoop neck cuts. The high neck is one of the best bikini styles for small-busted women who plan to be active but prefer extra coverage. It can easily be paired with other styles like the halter, as you’ll find with our Piper High Neck Halter Bikini Top. This combination offers sporty and sexy, with a secure high cut fit and adjustable cross-back lace-up straps. Try it out in our Island Escape Palm Print to take your look to a whole new level!

  1. The One-Piece

Last but not least is the one-piece swimsuit. This is one of the best bikini styles for small-busted women who want to be playful and spice things up with a more revealing look. The great thing about having a smaller chest is that there’s no need to worry about tatas on the loose, so a one-piece can allow you to be a bit more risqué up top! Our Kate Cheeky Once Piece Swimsuit offers a sleek and modern twist to the traditional one piece. With a zigzag front, laced sides, low scooped back, and striking black color, this suit will have people asking, “Who gave you permission to look so darn fine?!”

To all the small-busted women out there, we see you and we salute you! We would love to hear about some of your favorite bikini styles. Here at KE’ALA BIKINIS, we believe that beauty comes from within and that society should celebrate body types of all different shapes and sizes. We put these words into action by designing high quality, hand-designed bikini styles for small-busted women. So check out our styles to find bikinis that will keep you feeling cute, comfortable, and confident this year!