January 25, 2023

5 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 for Yourself

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means Valentine’s Day gifts are just around the corner. And no, I'm not going to tell you that you should buy yourself flowers or chocolate. I am going to tell you that it's the perfect time to treat yourself to something more meaningful. Why? Because self-love and appreciation is important. Who else could love us as much as we love ourselves? What an amazing thing to get in touch with our self-love by treating ourselves. How you ask? Listen up because here are 5 Valentine’s Day gifts under $100

1.  Give yourself the gift of confidence

Looking for a way to feel confident on the move, every day? At keala-bikinis.com, you are guaranteed to find the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 you can gift to yourself. 

Activewear by Keala Bikinis is designed with you in mind. We know that you're busy and on the go, so we make sure that our activewear is soft, lightweight, and sweat-wicking – so you can stay cool and comfortable, without chafing or constricting you, no matter what kind of workout you're doing. And our no front-seam Lennon Leggings and Reyn Shorts makes sure that you can focus on what's ahead of you – not what's underneath your clothes! Lennon Leggings and Reyn Shorts are your ideal active bottoms because with the no-front seam design, you avoid visible panty lines, or unflattering folds (i.e. FUPA or camel toes!)

2.  Give yourself the gift of colors

Ready to find the perfect colorway just for you? The colors we’ve chosen for our activewear line are muted, neutral, and timeless.  Activewear by Ke'ala Bikinis come in a variety of colors from calming and moody tones to bold, rich yet softly subdued hues to your skin and curves, making them an ideal pick for Valentine’s day gifts under $100 to yourself that will last through Love-Day and beyond. With this collection, you can find the perfect hue for your workout wardrobe that will enhance your workout experience.

The Lennon Leggings come in six variety of earth-inspired tones: Truffle, Clay, Matcha, Dawn, Slate, Jet Black. Pair Lennon Leggings with any of our activewear tops for a complete look.

3.  Give yourself the gift of support

You know all the things you want to do, but your bra is holding you back. You work out hard, and you need a bra that can keep up.

That's why we created the Maddy Top—a sports bra that's not only built for comfort, but also for support.

The wide band provides compression and support for full-busted women, while petite women will love the natural lift it gives to their chest. The racerback straps are flattering on your shoulders and back, so you can wear this bra with any outfit. You'll love how easy it is to move around in this flattering top that won't let you down when it matters most! Add our Maddy Top to the top of your Valentine’s day gifts under $100 list now.

4.  Give yourself the gift of comfort

Comfort at home, comfort at the gym, comfort at brunch…we choose comfort everywhere. Soft and comfy are definitely Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 you will want. When you're ready to take your yoga practice off the mat, reach for the Reyn Shorts. Designed with comfort in mind, these high-waist, no-front seam biker shorts are made with a silky soft fabric that passes the squat test and keeps you cool and dry. The no-front seam design creates a flattering fit while allowing you to move safely. The sculpting waistband features a small waistband pocket to fit a card or key, making these shorts perfect for women on the move. Whether you're down-dogging in the studio or lounging on your sofa, these shorts will help you feel confident and supported all day long.

5.  Gift yourself a treat

You deserve it. You're worth it.

So treat yourself to the best gift of all—putting yourself first. Why? Because you are worth it. So treat yourself to something special this Valentine's Day: put yourself as a priority and practice self-love, just because. At the top of our Valentine’s Day Gifts under $100 list: Treat yourself!

We know that sometimes it can be hard to practice self-love when there are so many other people in your life who need your attention—whether that means your friends and family or even just other aspects of your daily life. But if you want to feel truly happy and fulfilled, it's important that you prioritize YOURSELF as well. And what better way to do that than with our Remy Top?

The new Remy Top is the perfect lounge-worthy layer suited for slipping on before and after yoga. Designed with cascading seam detailing in the back, and a streamlined, form-fitting front, you’re sure to feel put together in our Remy Top. Smoothing and breathable fabric make for an effortless fit day to night.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself, we've got some great ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts under $100. From feeling seen to feeling supported—we have just the right present for you.