August 12, 2021

5 Key Factors To Consider When Bikini Shopping

Shopping for a new bikini can be difficult, to say the least. With seemingly endless options out there, it can feel impossible to narrow down the right bikini for you. Many women have been in the same boat, whether it’s going to the store and combing through hundreds of different bikinis or navigating 20 open tabs from all different online retailers, thinking how do I even choose?! To help you narrow things down, we have compiled a list of important considerations that can help you separate the good bikinis from the great ones. Here are 5 key factors to consider when bikini shopping.

  1. Prioritize Comfort Above All Else!

Finding a bikini that is comfortable is one of the most basic factors to consider when bikini shopping. After all, if the bikini is uncomfortable, then you probably aren’t going to wear it, right? Try the bikini on if possible, and obviously give your girlfriends a must-do, impromptu catwalk to show it off! You should also examine the fabric, as the best bathing suits are often made from majority nylon mixed with spandex or lycra. Skip the underwire if you can to avoid rashes – your skin will be thanking you big-time. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, all of our styles are made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, with premium four-way stretch lycra and no underwire, allowing for superior comfort and flexible movement!

  1. Choose a Flattering Design!

Choosing a flattering design is one of the next most important factors to consider when bikini shopping. If you are on the small-busted side, remember to choose the styles that compliment your frame while still providing comfort and support. From halters to high necks, bralettes, and pushups, you can find very flattering bikini styles. The important thing is that you know which designs to look for before trekking to the store or shopping online. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, our styles are custom-made for the small-busted woman to keep you feeling cute and comfortable all summer long!

  1. Customizable Features Are a Big Plus!

Choosing a bikini with customizable features is one of the factors to consider when bikini shopping that can really take your look and you comfort to a whole new level. Customizable bikinis allow you to adjust the fit according to your body and your preferences. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we offer many customizable styles like our Penelope Knot Bralette Bikini Top with self-knot shoulder straps or our Piper High Neck Halter Bikini Top with adjustable cross-back lace-up straps. Plus, all of our tops are equipped with hidden pockets if you want to use bra inserts to give the girls an extra boost!

  1. Assess Pricing Relative to Quality!

So you’ve narrowed down your search to a handful of bikinis that feel good, look good, and offer you freedom with customizable features. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe it, right? Technically yes, but we can still help you narrow things down! Assessing price relative to quality is one of the most practical factors to consider when bikini shopping. Lower quality bikinis should be priced lower and visa versa, as you may expect. If you anticipate using your bikini frequently, then consider investing in a higher quality bikini that will last longer – it will be well worth it! At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we believe in providing high quality bikinis at fair prices. Try out any of our bikinis and receive 10% off your first order!

  1. Opt For a Company Whose Values You Align With!

Lastly, if you’ve found bikinis you like that are within your price range, then researching what a company stands for is one of the final factors to consider when bikini shopping. Whether you are passionate about the environment, hiring practices, charity work, or anything in between, find a company whose values align with your own. At KE’ALA BIKINIS, we use eco-friendly, reusable packaging for all of our shipments and believe in holding true to yourself and your passions. As a female owned and operated business, we strive to empower women both inside and outside the workplace. Check out our website to learn more about the values we hold near and dear to our hearts!

Now that you know the most important factors to consider when bikini shopping, it’s time to get going! With summer fast approaching and the weather getting warmer, you’ll want to be ready to show of your next new look. We would love to hear how you go about bikini shopping. At KE’ALA BIKINIS we believe that bikinis should make you feel confident and beautiful. So next time you go shopping for a new bikini, be sure to find one that fits the bright and brilliant chick that we know you are!