September 18, 2021

5 Best Practices to Care For Your Swimsuits

Summer is in full swing, and that means we are in the heart of swimsuit season. With so many people rocking their stylish swimsuits, what better time to talk swimsuit maintenance than right now! This may not be top of mind, but it sure is important. After all, if you want those swimsuits to last for a long time, then maintenance is an absolute necessity. Proper swimsuit maintenance not only enhances durability, but it also ensures that your suits keep their original structure. Big downvote for the saggy butt. As such, we are here to break down to the ins and outs of swimsuit care. Follow these simple tips and you will be an expert in no time. Here are 5 best practices to care for your swimsuits.


  1. Wash Them Properly

One of the single most important best practices to care for your swimsuits is to wash them properly. The most ideal method is hand washing since machine washing can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the swimsuit fabrics. As soon as you take off your bikini, get it in cold water pronto. Allowing your suit sufficient time to soak (30 minutes+) can remove most of the chemicals and oils. For an even deeper clean, rinse your suit a second time with a small drop of mild detergent for 30 minutes. Of important note: do not use any harsh chemicals or conditioners, as these can break down the fabric, and nobody wants that!


  1. Air Dry Them Always

Now that your suit is thoroughly washed, it’s dry time! A key of thumb to care for your swimsuits is to always air dry them. You may be tempted to throw your suit into the dryer, but this can do serious, irreversible damage on your suits. Start by lightly squeezing out the water by hand. Do not make the mistake of wringing it out – while this may seem like an easy shortcut, it can significantly alter the structure of your suit. Try setting your suit between towels and gently pressing out the water. After this, let your suit air dry, but make sure not to expose your suit to excess UV light, as this can also damage the fabrics. Consider air drying your suit in a closet or other space out of the sun.


  1. Store Them Appropriately

You may be thinking: I have washed and dried my suit, that must be all I need to do. To the contrary, there is much more you must do to properly care for your swimsuits beyond just this. Storage is at the top of the list here, as it is probably fair to assume that you will not be wearing your bikinis 24/7… But hey, if you are, then all the power to you, girl! You should store them in a garment bag if possible and only once it is fully dry in order to avoid molding or bacteria. Importantly, store the suit flat rather than on a hanger, which can stretch out the fabric. As with air drying, storing your swimsuits out of the sun can ensure that you avoid UV ray damage to the swimsuit fabric.


  1. Wear Them Responsibly

While we have covered swimsuit care when out of your swimsuits, we would be remiss not to mention how you should care for your swimsuits when you are actually in them. That is, how you wear your swimsuits requires responsibility. For one, avoid coming in contact with harsh surfaces when possible. For example, opt for sitting on a smooth chair rather than a chipped wooden bench if given the choice. Additionally, alternate swimsuits or cycle through the ones you own to avoid unnecessary stress on one particular swimsuit. We all need a break every once in a while, and it is no different for your swimsuits!


  1. Repair Them As Necessary

Last but most certainly not least, it is important to acknowledge that accidents do happen that may require repairs. Perhaps you get a small hole in your swimsuit, or the fabric catches on something and gets overstretched. Regardless of the cause, in order to properly care for your swimsuits, you must make repairs as necessary and as soon as possible after the fact. Depending on your experience with sewing, you may be able to make small repairs yourself. But in general, you may want professional help with bikini repairs, as these can be complex when it comes to spandex and other specialized materials!


Now that you know these 5 best practices to care for your swimsuits, it is time to put them into practice! We would love to hear how you have been caring for your swimsuits. And remember, keeping these few strategies in mind can go a long way to ensuring that you enjoy your swimsuits to the fullest and longest extent possible. So get out there, have some fun in the sun, and give your swimsuits some love so you can keep rocking them all summer long!