April 29, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Things We Have Learned During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has been ravaging the world for weeks on end, and has impacted the way we are all going through our day-to-day lives. Social distancing orders have been in place for more than a month now, and if you are like us, you are probably going through some highs and lows. Despite the challenges of this collective experience, there are definitely some things we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic, which we can use to help us stay grounded during these trying times, and help us stay elevated and inspired to move forward. Here are five things we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic: 

  1.  Our Wellness Takes Different Shapes and Forms
    During this extended period of social distancing, one of the key things we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic is that our personal wellness practices are fluid, and can take many different shapes and forms. Some days during this experience, we have been motivated and productive with our professional work, done some sweat-busting home workouts, and have eaten food that is in line with our idea of “healthy.” But other days, we have stayed in our pajamas much longer than usual, paid many visits to the fridge, and have seen that tell-tale “Are you still watching?” message from Netflix several times in one day. We have learned to be a little kinder to ourselves, to listen to our bodies and their specific needs that day, and to enjoy the different ways we can nurture ourselves during this time.

  2.  We Can Stay Motivated Even if We Are Experiencing Impact to Our Work
    Many of us are experiencing some kind of work impact during this pandemic, whether it is lost work or business, or switching to working from home. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned that despite these challenges, we are still able to stay motivated and persevere. Despite the devastating economic impact, we have our sights set on the future, and are focused on what we can work on right in the moment. How can we better our work, our business, and professional skills right now, despite the challenges? We have learned that if we focus on the things we can take care of in this moment, which are in our control, and if we use this time to the fullest, we can definitely weather this storm, and will see this pandemic through to the other side.

  3.  This is a Collective Experience That We Are All Going Through Together
    This seems to be one of those rare moments across humanity, when most of us are going through this experience collectively together. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned that we can be united in our challenges and struggles, and that we can really empathize with what other people are going through. On the fundamental level, we are all in this together, and it can be comforting to know we are all dealing with challenges together, and inspiring to see how we are each persevering.

  4. We Can Be Prepared if This Happens Again
    While these have been trying times, we are really not out of the woods yet, and health experts have warned of the possibility of a second wave. One thing that has really hit home for us, and that we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic is that there is the distinct possibility this could happen again, and there are some best practices we can keep in mind for if it does. On the larger scale, experts say to help lessen the impact of a second round, we can continue to follow social distancing orders right now, and we can stay isolated if we are sick. Looking ahead, we have learned that if this happens again, we must be ready to immediately heed warnings and recommendations from authorities and health agencies. We have learned how important it is to follow these official guidelines as soon as they are given, and that the toll can be much greater if we do not comply. We will also be prepared to slip right back into social distancing. To do that, we can be prepared mentally and physically to work from home, wear a mask in public, and try to prepare to the best of our abilities that our incomes might be impacted. We are also ready to socialize during social distancing, with the people we are self-isolating with, or using tools on the internet to help us stay connected.

  5. Our Freedom, Our Moments Shared With Others and Our Experiences Traveling Are Not to be Taken for Granted
    Maybe the biggest takeaway, and one of the most impactful things we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic is that things like our freedom, our moments shared with others, and our experiences traveling are not to be taken for granted. While we try to feel and express gratitude for the great things in our lives, many of these things felt like an unshakable part of our realities, that would always be there. The freedom to meet friends for a coffee, laugh with your family in a restaurant over dinner, and being able to plan a hard-earned vacation were just a part of life. But now, we know that these moments are even more special, and that at the end of the day, they may not always be there. When we have them back, we will hold them a little closer, and appreciate them even more.

Through the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned many new lessons first-hand. Some of these lessons can help us in the here and now, and help us persevere through this experience. Other lessons we will use to stay motivated to move forward. Because we are all going through this as a collective community, we would love to hear what you have learned during this experience. Because one thing is for sure: support and love from one another can help us get through anything.