April 08, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Good Things Amid Coronavirus

If you are plugged into the news, it is easy to slip into a dark place throughout the global Coronavirus pandemic. While what is happening in the world is very real, sometimes the worst situations reveal a silver lining that has been there all along. On the outside it may look like the world is falling apart, but in reality we have never been more unified. Time to put down the paper and lift our spirits! Here are five good things happening amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

    1. Political Union
      The he-said-she-said mentality of politics is a tale as old as time. Not just within our borders but globally too. With the rise of illness it seems there are good things amid the Coronavirus pandemic we can all agree on: beating it. From countries closing their borders to medical supplies shipped halfway across the world, everyone seems to be coming together defeating the invisible enemy. Not to mention the $2 trillion relief package signed last week to help the American people. The relief package will provide necessary funding for millions of Americans and small business affected, a decision that could not have been made in political feud. Ultimately the Coronavirus is helping remove political blinders and highlight our similarities, rather than differences.

    2. Genuine Connection
      With a global movement to stay indoors, it is natural to assume genuine connections are declining. However, it seems time apart is drawing humans closer together. Seeing the same people every day like coworkers, friends and family in normal life makes it easy to subconsciously take advantage of our time with them. Yet time does not always equate to a deep, nourishing relationship. Communication does. Distance has prompted us to communicate with our loved ones with more compassion and creativity, while taking interest in their lives and psyche. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. Others are taking full advantage of technology to connect with people they don’t know and offer skills like live workouts, online cooking classes, tutoring and even live music over Zoom calls. Social distancing has highlighted we need each other more than ever, and connecting virtually is one of the good things amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

    3. We Are More Generous Than Ever

      From non-profits, to individuals and big business, generosity is on the rise! While the media can make it seem like all is wrong, truthfully, there are more people doing good things now than ever before. Check out just some of the amazing acts of kindness amidst the Coronavirus.

    4. The Earth Is Getting Greener
      Environmentally, things are looking up. With world wide closures and social distancing, more people are staying inside than ever before resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions. Breathing easier on your daily walks? You can thank Coronavirus for that! Aside from temporary reduction in CO2, a new study published in Nature reveals the Earth’s Ozone layer is healing itself from years of damage. Scientists say the infamous hole in the ozone layer could be healed by 2060 despite the increase in greenhouse gases. The miraculous ozone recovery is said to be partially due to world wide environmental efforts, and holds a promising future once we are all out of self-quarantine.

    5. People Are Pursuing Their Passions
      There has never been a better time go after your dreams. The office has closed and happy hours canceled, the general normalcy of life is put on hold until further notice. For some this is a blessing in disguise, just the rest they need. For others the time away has been illuminating, revealing their job, lifestyles, friends and even partners are not matching the kind of life they desire. Stillness has been our biggest teacher, and revealing the areas of life that are no longer working. Because of this mass shift in consciousness people are now reuniting with their passions. Everyday a new business is born, a book is written and a blog is started. Craft stores like JoAnn and Hobby Lobby are clearing shelves as our human creativity surfaces. Now is the time to start a new hobby, get creative and do good things amid the coronavirus pandemic!
The Coronavirus outbreak does not have to be all bad news. There is light in times of darkness if we just take a peak. Bad times often spark people to do good things, and I am hoping by highlighting the good we can continue to spread it. Let’s continue to seed the good, stay safe, and watch out for each other. What are you doing to spread positivity during this time?