May 06, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: How to Make Mother’s Day Special in Quarantine

Shelter In place orders all over the country are being lifted, but there are still some states in quarantine as we work to flatten the curve. With Mother’s Day approaching on May 10th, that means some of us will be celebrating at a distance. No Sunday morning brunches, big family dinners or trips to the theater. Instead some of the country will be FaceTiming and ordering take-out. Doesn’t sound too special, right? During this time is when our mothers need us the most, especially if we are not under the same roof. We can give our moms a call or hop on Zoom, but going the extra mile to make her feel loved in isolation has more impact. So whether Mom lives next door or a thousand miles away, here are five ways to make Mother’s Day special in quarantine.

  1. Create a Personalized Video
    It is not uncommon to reminisce on old family videos or photos on Mother’s Day. In quarantine though, reflecting in close corners is not an option. Luckily technology has made connection easier, but with a twist. Instead of texting favorite photos, make Mom a personalized video! Don’t worry, expertise in video editing is not needed. Platforms like YouTube make it easy to upload pictures or create video messages, add background music and text to create a one of a kind gift. Even get the kids involved by recording them sharing what they love most about Mom. Just send over a link to the finished product and she can watch from close or afar. Trust me, the sentiment of a video is a tear jerker. Need inspiration? Here is a list of Mother’s Day videos to get you started.
  1. Deliver Her Favorite Meal
    Food is the ultimate act of love. There is something about sharing a meal that brings people together across all generations and cultures. For many, meal time is the only opportunity for families to connect. If your family is the type to cook a big Mother’s Day brunch or dinner, Mom will be missing the one-on-one time in quarantine. Instead of a virtual dinner, make Mother’s Day special in quarantine and go the extra mile. Make a list of her favorite restaurants and give them a call to see who offers delivery, or use a food service like UberEats, DoorDash or Favor to bring a noteworthy meal to her door. If you live in close proximity, experiment with dropping off a home cooked meal too. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers.They are a must!
  1. Make A Donation In Her Name
    One of the greatest gifts a mother can receive is watching their children grow, and being of service to others is a beautiful example. If your mom is not the material type, has all her needs met and enjoys Oprah (okay this is not a requirement), a feel good gift is as simple as helping other mothers in need. Most of us are blessed in quarantine with a safe place to live, food in our fridge and of course, Netflix. Yet there are millions of mothers feeling economic hardship from sheltering in place with little to no family support. Including mothers who lack resources to take care of their kids, let alone themselves. Luckily, fantastic organizations exist that support mothers in need of a boost. If you are in a place where donating is possible, consider giving in your mom’s name. It will brighten her day just as much as yours! Check out this list of organizations to donate to this Mother’s Day.
  1. Create A Time Capsule
    Remember those? Time capsules were all the rage ten years ago. Nothing is more mysterious or sentimental than saving memories for future generations. Time capsules are like iCloud, except these memories are more exciting to back up. To make Mother’s Day special in quarantine, create a time capsule of your family's favorite items, pictures, letters, clothing and nicknacks. Here’s a detailed article on how to make a time capsule special. Then ship out the capsule or drop it off at Mom’s door to let her add the finishing touch. Just be sure to save the burying for another date, or lock it tight and set a future time where the whole family can open it. Even in quarantine, time seems to pass by too fast. Think of how amazing it will be to look at the capsule in ten years and say, “remember when we did this during quarantine?” 
  1. Write An Actual Letter
    Despite the closures and social distancing, the post office is still open. This requires a little bit of prompt planning, but a handwritten letter is timeless. If all technology failed, phones no longer existed or social media met its demise, handwritten letters would stand the test of time. Letters are extremely personal, intimate and peer into the heart of the sender. Everything from stationary to the type of pen creates a story where no text message could compare. No matter how many features our phones have. Confused what to write? Come from the heart. Reflect on old memories, express gratitude and ultimately direct love in whatever way feels fit. Sentimental messages are a sure way to make Mother’s Day special in quarantine. Whatever you do, get to the post office soon as Mother’s Day is around the corner!

Celebrating Mom from a distance is not easy despite creativity.Truth is, Mother’s Day will not be the same without her hugs and presence. But this too shall pass, and taking the time to make Mother’s Day special in quarantine will provide unforgettable memories. We would love to hear what you are doing to celebrate Mother’s Day so we can all support the ones we love.